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Dr. Aras Mortazavi

Dr. Aras Mortazavi has been an Ohioan since his 7th-grade days in Dublin. He’s deeply rooted in the community, having attended middle school, high school, and college locally. His academic journey led him to The Ohio State University (OSU), where he pursued his passion for biology before delving into dentistry, completing both his dental and pediatric fellowship at OSU and Children’s Hospital. Outside the clinic, Aras is a man of diverse interests.

He’s an avid road biker, enjoys cooking and learning about new cultures through food; he crafts culinary delights while immersed in his favorite tunes. Although his childhood musical pursuits on piano and drums have taken a back seat, his black belt in Tae Kwon Do remains a testament to his dedication. Family ties run strong for Aras, with his brother Ryan following in his footsteps at OSU, and his parents contributing to the community through healthcare and photography. At home, Coco, his beloved Havanese, brings joy with each wag of the tail. In his dental practice, Aras is more than a practitioner; he’s a compassionate caregiver who views each patient as family.

Individualized care and building genuine connections are at the core of his philosophy, alongside a commitment to teamwork and kindness. Beyond dentistry, Aras finds joy in comedy, with a penchant for stand-up and movies that tickle the funny bone. When not in the clinic, you can find him indulging in his guilty pleasure foods, dreaming of his next adventure, or simply enjoying downtime with video games and a good movie. For Aras, dentistry isn’t just about procedures; it’s about restoring confidence and bringing smiles to faces. His passion for quality implant and esthetic dentistry reflects his desire to uplift spirits and spread joy, one smile at a time.


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